// BELTIMENTAS: the project, the exhibition 

BELTIMENTAS combines Sardinian traditional folk costumes and fashion photography. 

We've been asked to select, style and photograph these incredible, handmade, antique costumes through our fashion vision. 

We started our e-casting from Berlin, selecting faces on the Island. Then, we decided to bring some other faces there, to create a cast

which could actually speak to the entire World. The contribution from the people who actually made or collected the clothes it's been powerful and heartbreaking. During our 3 days production we met our subjects and got to know their individual stories. 

Sardinian locations made the rest.

The project, in collaboration with Compagnia B and curated by Micaela Deiana, took place on the Island in 2018, thanks to the huge contribution of the Sardinian Region. 

The exhibition took place in Paris, Moscow and Doha during Spring 2019.

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